Arrested for DUI in Atlanta?

Drinking and driving is dangerous and has serious consequences for a driver if arrested and convicted. If you are convicted of DUI or plead “guilty” or “nolo contendere”, this will forever remain not only on your driving record, but also on your criminal history. These records will be reported to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, to the National Driver’s License Registry, to the GBI and the FBI and are made available to driver’s licensing agencies in every state. There is no way to “hide” a DUI conviction; it will follow you for the rest of your life.
If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Atlanta, you need to hire an experienced attorney that you can trust. Our firm commits itself to providing the highest level of service to people facing one of the most difficult situations of their lives. Our attorneys have decades of experience and success in advocating the interests of clients.
Our attorneys represent clients in all walks of life, from professional athletes, law enforcement agents, lawyers, politicians, and other public figures and officials. Our attorneys have offered commentary and legal analysis on major television and print media, such as ESPN, Fox News, the NY Times, USA Today, Headline News, TruTV, and CNN. We take pride in our zealous advocacy and in making all our clients a top priority.

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